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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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common goal w >> good evening. >> i would like to call the meeting of tuesday, september tenth, 2013 to order. >> roll call, please? >> thank you. >> miss fewer? >> here. >> mr. haney? >> here. >> miss maufas? >> here. >> miss mendoza. >> dr. murase? >> here. >> miss wynns. >> here. >> miss norton. >> here. >> mace way. >> and mr. logan. >> join me in the pledge of allegiance.
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>> we are going to start this meeting differently this evening and i am going to start by calling on the superintendent. >> thank you, president norton. we start this ins meeting with very heavy hearts, as we have suffered a tragic loss to our district of our long time registered parliament, wilson and we would like to read a few words and dedicate this meeting. >> she was employed by the school district for the board of education for the past 45 years. and she passed away yesterday september 9, 2013. she was born on august 15, 1919 in wisconsin. her family moved to san francisco when she was 6 years old. and the train ride from wisconsin made her so sick that she never ever set foot on a train again. she grew up at 5th and judith
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street in the city by bait and attended public schools here and was a proud graduate of lowel high school and went on to business school where she learned the latest in the shorthand machines the sten graph and worked at the world fair on treasure island demonstrating this new machine, and met and married richard wilson who she met at a grocery store and he joined the san francisco fire department in 1948 and retired in 1978. they traveled much after his retirement and many of you will recall him attending the board meeting with her. she was an involved parent in schools and her son's attendance at all of the schools, and became very active with the pta she was pta president for many years and served as the district pta president. and she learned procedure to help her along with her pta duties and running of a good
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meeting. 1964 she earned the professional parliamentarina. >> she served not only to the board of education, but to many other non-profit organizations such as california now, the california teachers association, spur, california physical therapists association, and many other organizations. she leaves her two sons, richard and joseph, and a 15-year-old grand daughter axela and she is in the company of her husband kick and her grand daughter le who passed away at the age of 24. you need to know that she helped this board and its executive assistance in following the proper procedure, and advised the board on how to run its meetings and chaired many procedure workshops over the years and with the time keeper at our regular meetings and became a dear colleague and friend to many of us.
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she assisted and advised the student advisory committee over the years and was always available when any of us needed us for a consultation, she will be missed so very much. and she had a very clever whit that we appreciated and she sent us notes over the year of what they were doing wrong at board meetings which brought smiles to our faces. there is one that i asked her to dig out today because i remembered it particularly humorous. attention, miss jane kim, president, dear board members, i have noted some minor infractions of both robert's rules and board rules as follows. according to robert, once the chair calls for a vote on a resolution there should be no comments while the vote proceeds, that is members should just respond ai or no because such comments are discussion that might influence other member's vote. members desiring to speak, must submit a card prior to the item being called, while i realize that in dealing with the public, it is necessary to be
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some what lenient, perhaps an announcement would help the public to be aware of the rules. and also, according to robert, and evlyn the gavel is not a hammer and should be used with one firm tap to call the meeting to order and continues to be my privilege to serve as parliamentarian and time keeper for the board. >> and now, i would like to call on her neighbor, mr. bill alard who would like to share a few memories of her with us. >> thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. my name is bill alard and 1996 my wife margaret and i bought a house at 2163, 42nd avenue and the sunset, and next to the wilsons. the best most wonderful
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neighbors ever. and for the last 45 years evyln has been a parliamenttarian for organization but she has been my every other tuesday night date. and this is some of the best dating i have ever done in my entire life. because, she be sitting in that carat, at 5:30 and i would be running outputing on my belt and i am come and we would drive down here on the path that she told me and i make sure that i finally got it down and we would talk, non-stop. what did ester say this morning, she just told me and go over the ago agenda and talk about every one of you and it was unbelievably fun and we would stop and she would come in here and i would watch the show and we would get back in and those gates would close and
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we would start again, and what did you think that jill said to that money guy. and i don't know. she was an incredibly powerful and strong insightful, bright, woman, and it was like the date got bet and her better, and don't let anyone ever tell you that you are too old to date, i mean we were kind of exciting about talking. 93 and 64, unbelievable. and i wanted to share one and how this actually got started and how i started coming doing this. is, i am sure that you know that she was a very active woman that continued to drive her car. well, in fact, last week of her life she went to the symphony and she did not drive, but she went to a 90-year-old birthday and she went to the new cafe
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around the corner and out to lunch with her son and a wonderful fellow and called him joseph, his real name and, and a couple of years ago, i see the card go, and come back, and get fixed and come back dinged and what is my responsibility here. she can't be driving that car. she got to stop driving that car. and margaret what are we going to do? we have to stop driving that car. >> so we slowed her down and she stopped driving down across the east bay and so we are going to emeriville to a little pizza parlor to a meeting and i determined that i was going to say, you have to stop driving that car. and i couldn't do it on the way over and on the way back. i got her to start listing to me what she was doing during
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the month. you are driving where on rush hour? and don't do that, job. and she said, bill, it is san francisco school board, and i get paid. and i said okay, i am taking you to that one. and that started it. and the powerful, unique crediblely interesting woman. and i am going to really miss her. and i don't think that there is anything else to say, except, not too many people come along like evelyn and we were lucky to have her with us, thank you. >> i hope that we have not seen the last of you at our meetings.
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>> or maybe you will just listen to them on the radio for us now. >> i might be back. >> good. >> and we would love to have you. we need someone to keep us in line. you know? >> i really want to talk to you. i want to tell you how important i think that this work is. and josh said to me, you are going to get a book and you are going to go out and i got here to that first meeting and i tried, i brought work, and i sat there with work and i can't stop, this is crucial work, you make crucial decisions and you do such a good job, listen to everybody yell at you and you tell everybody what is good and then you make those decisions with all of those vendors and i don't know how you do it and i don't know how you do it and impressed with all of your work, and my wife teaches elementary school in daley city and i have taught at the
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university of san francisco education, is everything. and okay. that is enough of my speech. >> you know, i don't think that we ever get tired of people telling us that we do important work, so thank you. >> every week. >> okay. >> president norton? >> i wanted to say because i don't think that people realize this, i think that the san francisco board of education is the only board in the country that has had a professional parliamentarian and i appreciate as always, someone appreciating what we do but i don't think that really the public or any of us in this school district understands what we learned about the importance of professionalism from evelyn and the 25 years that i knew her and i just can't express enough how important, having her as an
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advisor and a teacher was to us. and i have you know recently, i have had the opportunity to have to rely on the skills more than i otherwise would have liked in my role as president last year of the california school board association, and it was always, always the thing, that evelyn taught me that really were the foundation of just knowing how to handle a meeting with hundreds or thousands of people. and so i just want to express publicly my appreciation and my affection and how much i will miss her and i think that we will need to remember her to maintain that level of professionalism without her there to tell us. >> thank you. >> wynns? >> this meeting is dedicated to the memory of miss wilson and she will be missed so thank you for your indulgence. >> we are going to move to a.
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approval of the minutes. so moved, is there any corrections? >> that is the meeting minutes of april 23, 2013. >> any corrections? >> seeing none, roll call please? >> thank you. and thank you. >> and miss fewer? >> yes. >> haney? >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza mcdonald. >> yes. >> dr. murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> miss norton. >> yes. >> seven ayes. >> we will move on to item b, presentation to the board of education, the supervisor's report. carranza? >> oh, i am sorry, august 27th, 2013, are there any corrections? >> excuse me superintendent. >> move the minutes for the 27th. >> okay. >> thank you. seeing miss wilson is gone about five minutes and i am already messing up. and all right, are there any corrections to the minutes of
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august 27, 2013? >> seeing none, roll call please? >> thank you, wei. >> aye. >> logan. >> aye. >> fewer. >> aye. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza. >> yes. >> murase. >> aye. >> norton. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> item b, supervisor carranza. >> thank you. commissioner mendoza mcdonald and that sounds very, very nice. and that is just... and when she says it to anybody. we saw it all start right here. it is all your fault. >> and so good evening ladies and gentlemen and so everyone that is here in atanned ans and those listening and watching from home and i would like to start by my thoughts for the evening and sharing just some business matters. and this regards our educational placement process. and just to remind everyone that the wait pool process has
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ended as of last week, this week the families that have children kur ntly enrolled in the schools that would like to transfer can submit a request for spring transfer and once you have put in the request, and that request will go on a wait list for any openings that become available before the opening of the fall semester. >> and since the waiting pool process began on june thirs and i am happy to report that over 650 students received a wait pool choice that they had submitted for. and so just an update for everyone. >> and this is also as you know, we are entering our fourth week of school and there is countless bright stops, to highlight and following on the comments that were made in the beginning of the meeting i would like to highlight a few of them. students at washington high school are getting their hands dirty in learning how to fix cars in their auto shop class, yes, we do at washington high school and last year, washington began to offer the
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class again and teaches the students the basics of how a car operates and they build a model car of their own that allows them to carry an egg safely through a collision and will finish up testing the cars this week, the shop only has basic car maintenance and repair and has received cash and an engine block from the san francisco toyota. and there is an after school class as well that is opened to the students from other high school and speaking of high schools, the students at the academy of arts, can do a school farm that is bursting with kale, and cabbage and four varieties of kenuwa and 22 chicken and it was by san francisco and along with the students. and and in the farm and right here in our very own city and it is used as part of a class
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curriculum by the school's science and biology classes and the farm is so fruitful that eco sf runs a weekly stand to sell the produce at the school site. and speaking of the other school, they got a brand new arts and they learned the way around the kitchen and created restaurant quality meals and also to become certified to work in the restaurant while still in high school and this year taking it to the next level to learn how to run the food trade and learn about the business plans and customer marketing and keeping the business in the black and learning on the job as the students compete in teams to create sandwiches to the staff. every week. >> the class is led by the master class dan, who sold the sf restaurant last year, to head up, the culinary program at oconnel, he along with the economic teachers, teach the
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school's new lab immigration model for the college and career and when we talk about the college and career ready, that is what we are talking about, the students have the hands in the careers while they are preparing for the college as well. and i am also very excited to end my comments with some, very, very good news. and i am excited to announce, that the san francisco unified school district has been approved by the california department of education, for a one year extension to spend out the school improvement grant funds that were awarded to our nine schools here in san francisco. and if you recall, third year of skaolt improvement grants expired last year, however, if they had delayed implementing for the semester there were carry over funds to which we applied and not all school districts in california were allowed the fourth year to spend out their resources, and however, because of the efficacy with which we implemented the approving grant funds and we were allowed to have that fourth year which is
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going to be a huge benefit to the students in our schools. and this is obviously great news for the san francisco unified school district for our sites and for our entire district as we move into the related school improvement quality work, and continue with our district strategies associated with the multicured system and support for all of the students, differentiating the support, to make it possible for the students to achieve
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>> item c. >> none this evening. >> item d, cooper logan and angelina way. >> hi. >> so, we yesterday, we had another sac meeting and we called this to order at 5:30, and we had a meet and greet with associate superintendent kevin truit and sal introduced him to us and we talked about school and really and we had dinner together, and then, we had our students delegate reports, and we provided a
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synthesized report to the sac council committee and regarding the last board of education meeting held on august 27th, 2013. and we will have the elections on the next week. >> and so, during our meeting we also reviewed the commissioner matt haney, and the course development and submission, and we are going to have a follow up meeting, during our next meeting on the 23rd as well. >> we had two guest speakers and the first one was from the youth empowerment dcyf and they talked to us about the niad
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abraham came and talked to us about the youth, sorry about that. and the youth advisory council? >> yes. >> the youth advisory council, thanks. >> and that is sort of like a representative body in san francisco. and to the members are specifically appointed from the student, and the sac. and also, we had a guest speaker from americorp and it was chris and nicky and they talked about the opportunities that we can have through americorp and the different possibilities that that gives sac in particular, but also, other kids our age. and we adjourned at 7:15 and the next meeting is the 23rd at 5:30. >> thank you. >> item f, we have the parent advisory council report.
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>> good evening commissioners my name is gloria molt and i am a parent and part of the advisory council and this is my second term. and i am happy to be here. and i appreciate what you gave the parliamentary evelyn and this report under scores the importance of team building among the pac members and provides a brief description about the pac process to set the priorities for the year. and pac had its first meeting on august 28th, and one of our main objectives was to create a sense of community. and among the new and the veteran pac members before the
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work begins and this is a very new thing that we did this year and really getting to know the families and one another. so that we can have a commonality before we dive into the work, because we are a diverse group of parents with differences in home, language, ethnicity and socio economic background. and building a sense of community is essential and it will help us to bring a broader spectrum of the parent perspectives back to the board and inform the policies and discussions.
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>> it was fun from the kids to adult and we were all super engaged and it was nice to see that language was not a barrier when we were trying to work together. and the parent said that, you know, we had the same language and it was beautiful to see and he did not have to interpret. and so, pac members appreciate superintendent carranza for coming to the first meeting to share his vision for 2013, 2015. implementing the common core standards and second, addressing the disproportionalty in the african american students and the over representation in
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special education in our schools. and third, applying the new accountabilities for the measure for the district with the implementation for the system to replace the no child left behind requirements. we also would like to thank commissioner maufas who attended the first meeting and actually stayed through the whole meeting and was engaged in and participated in and was able to give some feedback. and her daughter also attended so that was nice. and the pac will revisit the information, the superintendent shared, with us and we will
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meet next week and we will be looking at sfusd student data and the suspension rates and other school climate issues and the initiative to set the priorities for the year. and the pac numbers will identify the interest and will form the project teams and then we will report the process back next week and i really want to commend georgia brat williams for just the effort and just the intentionality that she had when she was recruiting the pac members and really creating a diverse, group of members. and that is important. and the vision that she has about building the community, and the capacity. and how important it is if we can do this as parents and the same model into the schools and really bridge that diversity. and it really needs to make us a unified school district. and so one last thing that i want to be able to plug
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>> and if anybody is interested, you can contact the office of family and community engagement, is that the office? yeah. >> it will be on september 28th and if you are interested you regular officer on-line, at sfgedu, and family engage institute and if anybody has any questions, they can contact somebody at this number, 241-6185.
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>> [ speaking in a foreign language ] . >> could you share with the pac when the next meeting will be? >> the third wednesday of the month and i am not sure exactly when that date, and so it is next week. >> and september, 18th, october, 16th and but the third wednesday of the month.
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okay. >> and what time? >> starting at 5:45. and okay. >> we can and we begin promptly at 6:00, and if you have, children, that would like to come and eat, we would begin at 5:45, and we begin and start promptly at 6:00. >> thank you. >> okay. >> does anybody have any questions? >> seeing none, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> okay. and we will move on to item f. public comment. on consent items and i have one card from vice president susan soloman from uesf and i believe that you wanted to speak on two groups of items,; is that correct?? >> okay. please approach the mic. >> good evening, commissioners, superintendent carranza, the two items that i wanted to speak on are the first on


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